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An Oklahoma City-Based Agency with a BIG Heart for Small Business


The first step to good marketing is determining your brand’s image and message. Let us help you design your logo or full branding!


How easy is it for your ideal customer to find you? Once they find you, what does your website say about your business? From web design to SEO, we’ve got you covered!


How is your business utilizing social media? How often do you post? Siren Media’s  content team is ready to take your usiness to the next level with social content stategy.


 Traditional advertising (TV, Radio, Outdoor, etc.) is not for everyone, but for some businesses it’s an option that makes business sense. Siren Media can act as a buyer on your behalf with media outlets.

About Siren Media

Creating Thoughtful Marketing for Small Business

Siren Media was founded in 2018 with a focus on supporting small businesses through good marketing.  Branding, logo design, web design, social media strategy & management, and traditional advertising are all of our expertise. Our team is dedicated to your success, and having fun during the creative process. If you’re a business owner with no time to spend on the that dreaded “M” word, please reach out to us! We have the heart and the expertise to serve your business.

Alyssa Murphy, Founder & CEO

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